What's in your box?

Go, grab a pen, open your notebook and flip to a blank page. Ready? Alright, draw a box. The shape and size of it doesn’t matter, just draw a box.

Done? Now ask yourself this one, important question: What’s in your box?

Do you see an empty canvas? Are you staring at a piece of paper you think you’ve just wasted or are you simply confused what this box is supposed to represent? Allow me to explain.

My black, squiggly lined, 2 dimensional rectangle symbolizes my past, present and future self. In my box, I see endless opportunity, experience from life’s challenges, inspiration for personal growth, and adventures in career development.

Growing up with a family of creative entrepreneurs, I learned to dream big and work hard to achieve my goals. This made me wonder what progress I’d make in ten or twenty years. At the age of 14, I fell in love with expressing myself through music as I learned to DJ and play drums. Following this path of music, I received a Bachelors in Music Business and Recording Arts one month before I turned 21. While I was in college, I started to understand and appreciate design while I was making digital and print material to promote events at nightclubs that I coordinated. I even freelanced web design to improve my business skills and had the pleasure of working with some amazing people and companies.

Looking at the present, I now live in New York City and work at Squarespace, which has helped me appreciate great design even more. To further my education, I recently completed a front end web development course at General Assembly so that I’ll have the ability to bring my designs to life. I continuously practice my craft, read many design books and blogs so that I can become a better designer and developer.

My past has made me realize that hard work does indeed pay off. While evaluating my present self, it truly makes me feel excited to see the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. I am creating my own future.

I love my box and it’s up to me to contribute to its growth.

This is a simple exercise to reflect on oneself that has helped me understand who I’ve become as a person and to remind me of my potential. I hope to help you realize your potential too. I can’t tell you what’s in your box, only you can determine that for yourself.

So, I’d like to ask you again: What’s in your box?