How to Contribute to the Fight to Save Our Online Privacy

You can contribute to the fight to save our online privacy either by spreading the world to educate others, donate to honorable organizations or develop open-source software.

Ever since the public has caught wind of the fight for online privacy, there’s been a plethora of support to use companies who take user’s privacy seriously. Notable examples are the Tor Project, a group of volunteers who creates tools to protect online anonymity, and Signal, by Open Whisper Systems which is a mobile messaging application that encrypts text messages, phone and video calls.

Jacob Appelbaum, Alison Macrina, Glenn Greenwald, amongst others, are huge contributors to the cause who regularly discuss how we need to join the fight to save our online privacy and push back those who encroach upon it. This leads to the primary question:

How do we get everyone involved and what can YOU do to help?

Help Spread the Word

Believe it or not, you don’t need a degree in computer science. You can help spread the word by educating yourself and others on online privacy. There’s plenty of articles/books to read, videos to watch and meet ups to attend. Knowledge is power!

Example: The Library Freedom Project educates librarians and other individuals across the world on how to stay safe online. They’ve even configured Tor Relays in libraries across the United States.


Donating to these organizations such as the Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation truly makes a difference. Supporting monetarily allows them to focus on their work to protect the online privacy of everyone.

Example: With over 3000 individual donors, the Tor Project was able to raise over $120,000, after their first crowdfunding campaign in 2015.


Know how to code? Fantastic! Help by writing, reviewing and fixing open-source software. Not only will you be building important tools with other engineers, but you’ll be protecting the privacy of future generations.

Example: The Tor Project are working on their latest application Tor Messengerand they need help from developers to work on the project. This is a great opportunity to help file and fix bugs.

No matter your level of expertise, you can help protect our privacy. Whether or not its by education, donation or software development, there is something for everyone.